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Home Made: Sweet Sour Shrimps with Eggplants

I made this for dinner some time ago - it’s essentially 2 dishes in 1 because I was too lazy to cook twice and decided to toss in the vege of the night (eggplants) with the sweet sour shrimps. Happily the flavours work well together! The eggplants are soft and creamy while the shrimps has the right snap to it. I’m always wary of cooking seafood like squids and prawns because there’s always the danger of overcooking them to the point that they are tough and rubbery. Fortunately this was not the case here (phew!)

The sauce was a combination of garlic, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, a dash of cooking vinegar (adjust to taste), and a bit of either honey or brown sugar (adjust to taste), salt and pepper. Sorry for the lack of proper measurements, but I guess these are the most basic ingredients for a sweet sour sauce - and you can change the amount of ingredient used based on how you’d like it to be :)

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